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Why do not you join the list of contractors of growing Halo EFX, P1 Coatings, Plasti Dip, Eye Candy Pearls?

Certified contractor of Eye Candy Customz

Oki Dream Co., Ltd. has the right to sell Japan for Plasti Dip International, P1 Coatings, Halo EFX Performance Coatings and Eye Candy pigment. As a result, authorized contractors can use all the materials of our products without worry about copyright infringement. You can also advertise services on Facebook pages and other social media stores, and you can talk with knowledge, videos and staff. Also, when you apply for a certified contractor, you go to a shop designated by your company and conduct a construction course of two nights and three days.  


Content ( Dip , Dip, Rubber Dip) of Plasti Dip, P1 Coatings, Halo EFX , is registered in the world patent, and it can be used only in our company and our agent in Japan.


Offer all products at wholesale price

HaloEFX / P1 Coatings sells certified processing shops only






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